Fetish People Party

Fetish People Party, or FPP as we call ourselves, is a fetish club in Gothenburg that has been around since 1996. everyone is welcome and no fetish is denied as long as it’s legal in Sweden. Every sexual orientation is welcome: hetero-, homo- and bisexuals. No one can be attacked because of their sexual orientation - everyone has to accept each other! FPP is run completely non-profit.

Our guests are people who like to show off their gorgeous and distinctive outfits, such as patent leather, leather, rubber, lingerie, body paint, piercings, uniforms, S/M outfits, and so on. The events are held at a special private venue. What distinguishes us from a regular party is our dress code, which means that we won’t allow guests who arrive in regular clothes.

It’s important for us to create a safe environment at the events and we are very strict when it comes to people showing each other respect.